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Tag: Islam

The Lay Reform of Church and World

Two volumes recently published by Encounter Books address key issues in the New Evangelization. The first, Marcello Pera’s Why We Must Call Ourselves Christians, is another effort by a distinguished

9/11, Benedict XVI, and Regensburg

In the flood of commentary surrounding the tenth anniversary of 9/11, I found but one reference to a related anniversary of considerable importance: the fifth anniversary of Pope Benedict XVI’s

Pope Benedict Speaks Truth to Power

Americans exhausted by adolescent chants of “Pass this bill!” and the rest of the rhetorical detritus of the 2012 pre-campaign might go to the Vatican web site, click on Pope

Christians in the Middle East

Dr. Habib Malik of the Lebanese American University has been a friend for many years. Few men have such an informed and humane view of the sad, even desperate, position

No More Appeasement of Radical Islam

The murder of more than fifty Catholics by jihadists during Sunday Mass in Baghdad on October 31 is the latest in a series of outrages committed against Christians by Islamist

Willful Blindness and the Ft. Hood Massacre

Dan Henninger, whose Wall Street Journal column is aptly titled “Wonder Land,” put it best: “The only good news about the Ft. Hood massacre is that U.S. electronic surveillance technology

Faith and Reason, Irrationality and Terror

The media’s obsession with salvation-through-latex in the matter of AIDS prevention in Africa so dominated the coverage of Pope Benedict XVI’s March pilgrimage to Cameroon and Angola that one of

Adult Interreligious Dialogue

Father Christian Troll, a German Jesuit, is one of the Catholic Church’s leading students of Islam and a key figure in the Catholic-Islamic dialogue launched by Pope Benedict XVI’s September

The Name Game

In late April and early May, the blogosphere was in an uproar over two documents circulated by the National Counterterrorism Center [NCTC], which is charged with strategic coordination among federal