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Tag: Islam

INTERVIEW: God & I: George Weigel

The following interview with EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel was conducted by Fr. Mario Conte and ran in The Messenger of Saint Anthony, a magazine published by the Conventual Franciscan friars of

The Catholic Journey to Religious Freedom

The Washington-based Religious Freedom Institute, in cooperation with the Baylor University Institute for the Studies of Religion and the Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies, recently held a consultation

Are Jihadis “Losers”?

When I first visited Israel in 1988, my friend Professor Menahem Milson, a distinguished Arabist at Hebrew University who was Egyptian president Anwar Sadat’s military aide during Sadat’s historic visit

ISIS, Genocide, and Us

The Monuments Men was a disappointing movie, but one of its most chilling scenes sticks in my mind as an analogue to the appalling wickedness underway in the Middle East.

Westminster Abbey and Charlie Hebdo

The third volume of Evelyn Waugh’s masterwork, the Sword of Honor trilogy, begins in October 1943, with a wartime queue outside Westminster Abbey: The people of England were long habituated

Europe and Nothingness

In the wake of the horrific jihadist attack on the Paris-based journal Charlie Hebdo, the trope “satirical magazine” was regularly deployed to explain Charlie’s character and content. But that’s not quite right.

Regensburg Vindicated

On the evening of Sept. 12, 2006, my wife and I were dining in Cracow with Polish friends when an agitated Italian Vaticanista (pardon the redundancy in adjectives) called, demanding