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To Sanctify the World: The Vital Legacy of Vatican II

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Tag: Iraq

ISIS, Genocide, and Us

The Monuments Men was a disappointing movie, but one of its most chilling scenes sticks in my mind as an analogue to the appalling wickedness underway in the Middle East.

Iraq: Then & Now

Even as history continues to unfold — and explode — in ancient Mesopotamia, the Iraq War has already proven itself the most consequential international political event of the post-Cold War

Bob Woodward, the President, and Just War

There was considerable just war argument before, during, and after the Iraq War. Some of it was not terribly insightful, but, in the main, the debate demonstrated that the principles


A year or so ago I got a letter from a man with whom I’d first begun corresponding shortly after his tour as an infantry lieutenant in Iraq. If memory

The McBrien Prize

By combining low-grade sourcing, a faux-authoritative voice, and leftist political spin in equally impressive measures, Michael Sean Winters and the editors of the Washington Post‘s “Outlook” section have won the

Martyrdom and the Christian Future in Iraq

In early June, I received a forwarded e-mail from a correspondent who’s done several tours in Iraq. He, in turn, had just heard from an Iraqi fellow-Catholic, a former translator

Baghdad 2006 = Tet 1968?

During the year I spent at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, I enjoyed getting to know Peter Braestrup, who had been Saigon bureau chief of the Washington Post

Abu Ghraib and Just War in Iraq

The virtually universal American revulsion at photographs showing abuse of Iraqi prisoners by U.S. troops tells us something important about this country – something that can’t be reduced to the

Iraq and just war, one more time

Judging from the torrent of e-mail I’ve received since my column several weeks ago on Iraq and the just war tradition, a lot of Catholics really don’t understand what that