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Tag: Evangelization

Recycling the Same Old Same Old

In December 2021 and May 2022, I had the pleasure of teaching a mini course in Rome, exploring the life and thought of St. John Paul II. My students came

Craving Approval Isn’t Evangelization

The bizarre comment and the weird gesture have not, until recently, been associated with high-ranking churchmen. Both, alas, were on vivid display last month when Cardinals Reinhard Marx and Gianfranco

Pastors are Not Interchangeable Parts

A few weeks ago I came upon the odd fact that, before and during World War II, the Royal Navy built battleships with fourteen-inch main battery guns, whereas Britain’s principal

Parsing the "New Evangelization"

The “new evangelization” is one of the signature themes of the pontificate of John Paul II. Addressing the bishops of the southeastern United States on March 17, the Holy Father

The Catholic Human Rights Revolution

dignitatis humanae – the Second Vatican Council’s Declaration on Religious Freedom – is frequently described as an expression of Christian personalism, because of its teaching that every human being has