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Tag: Cold War

The Revenge of the Revisionists

It is a measure of how quickly and completely the Cold War (to say nothing of its roots in 1945 or 1914) has dropped off the American radar screen that

Blaming Harry

The Svengalis at fault are those usually dubbed the “revisionist historians” of the Cold War. These are the folks, many of them protégés of the late Wisconsin historian William Appleman

Human Rights and the United Nations

It has been muddled by the academicians, coarsened by the politicians, corrupted by the international sans-culotterie, and debased by dictators of various ideological hues. And yet for all that, the

Five Years After the Revolution

History is not the inexorable working-out of impersonal biochemical, economic, or political forces. History is the actions, inactions, and interactions of men and women endowed with intelligence and free will,

Remembering the Revolution

The primary impact of the Revolution of 1989 was felt, of course, in east central Europe. But that remarkable series of events also changed our lives, in the West, in

Getting It

The non-celebration of the West’s victory in the Cold War, coupled with the ideological shock that many Western academics and journalists felt when a system they considered merely an alternative

Pluralism and Universality

There are numerous other problems with Kishore Mahbubani’s account of contemporary American life. His imprisonment statistics are quite misleading; the rise in incarceration over the past fifteen years has far

The Dilemma of Russia

Seeing Russia clearly has never been easy for western Europeans or Americans. There is the sheer size, the raw geographic magnitude, of the place. There are the cultural differences derived

For Peace in Europe

The holidays are over. No, not just the seasonal celebrations of Hanukkah, Christmas, and the new year, but the vacation from serious thinking about foreign policy that Americans have enjoyed

The Centrality of Europe

The prospect of a nuclear-armed North Korea led by the irrational Kim Il-sung or his heirs would have unhappy consequences for the security of East Asia, and would almost certainly