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Category: International Affairs

On Getting Involved

It is no longer a curiosity these days for a county medical society in the midst of discussing its professional business to pass a resolution on a nuclear test ban

Take Him Out to the Ball Game

As we celebrate the 1987 World Series amidst continuing debate over Mikhail Gorbachev’s policy of glasnost, we recall from earlier in the season an important item from the sports pages

Nuclear Denial

Psychologists call it the “Stockholm syndrome, “after the hostages in a Swedish bank robbery some years ago who began, over time and under the pressure of their fear, to “identify”

Light From the East

Press and popular attention to matters of East and West naturally tends to focus on the extravaganzas: summit conferences, the public diplomacy of presidents, prime ministers, general secretaries (and now

Fog From the West

Tone-deafness to the message of men such as Adam Michnik, Vaclav Havel, and George Konrad is not a disability of Western activists alone, of course. Several senior Western political leaders

The Chroniclers

You won’t see it offered for discount sale by Publishers Clearing House. You may not even be able to find it in the better public libraries. But it is, for

Once More, With Feeling

The rush to disinvestment in South Africa proceeds apace, now led by such American corporate giants as General Motors, IBM, Coca-Cola, and Kodak. No doubt there are mixed motivations in

Orwell Lives

One of the surest signs of trouble in any resistance movement is when its leaders begin to fudge the definition of “violence.” Such was the case in America during the

The Posner (and Arbatov and Gerasimov) Problem

Last spring, after President Reagan’s televised address to the nation on his proposed 1987 defense budget, the networks provided the traditional response time to the Democratic Party, represented in this

Back in the USSR

Ever since the Geneva summit, there has been intense interest in “citizen exchange” programs with the Soviet Union. In light of that interest, we share the following report of our