George Weigel

To Sanctify the World: The Vital Legacy of Vatican II

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Category: Catholic And Vatican Affairs

The Pope in America

Over the past four years, Pope John Paul II has developed what is arguably the most sophisticated moral, philosophical, and theological analysis of democracy on offer in the world today.

Commentary on the Pope at the U.N.

John Paul II did more than offer a striking tour d’horizon of international life on the threshold of the third millennium when he addressed the U.N. General Assembly. He also

The Vatican and the Worlds of this World

Amidst all the world’s other problems—the possible outbreak of a general Balkan war, genocide in the south of Sudan, the continued unraveling of other African states, troublesome hints of a

A Cautionary Tale

I too have been amazed at the astonishing pace of historical change over the past decade; and I agree that this change requires us to undertake a careful moral reflection

Five Issues

Were the NCCB to make a powerful moral argument on behalf of responsible internationalism, linking the defense of the “national interest” to a broader sense of national purpose in the

Archbishop Stafforad Oim

  AMERICAN PURPOSE has not been hesitant to criticize those voices in the American religious community whose approach to “work for peace” has seemed to us deficient. It’s only fair,

Listening to the Central American Bishops

That American activists and policy makers should “listen to the Church in Central America” is a regular antiphon in public debate over U.S. policy toward El Salvador and Nicaragua. This