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To Sanctify the World: The Vital Legacy of Vatican II

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U.S. Affairs

On Keeping Your Head

Your editor remembers that his seventh-grade teacher, Sister George Mary, was a fanatic for memorization who required that “If” be learned by heart. Not much of that exercise in Kipling

A Question of Witness

One of the most extraordinary transformations in contemporary American public life has been the radical change in the ideological orientation of mainline Protestant and Roman Catholic church leaders as they

Coalitions For Democracy

Senators Ted Kennedy and Orrin Hatch are not frequently found on the same side of controverted issues. This past September, however, they joined with Senators Bill Bradley, Richard Lugar, Daniel

Open Mikes

Washington, D.C., which gets abuzz over things large and small, was aflutter just after the November elections with another Charles Z. Wick flap. Mr. Wick is, of course, the director

Ike Revisited

  AMERICAN PURPOSE is not intended to be penitential reading. Thus, from time to time, we want to share some of the lighter things crossing the editor’s desk that have

Third Thoughts

This past October, twenty years after the 1967 “March on the Pentagon” that marked a watershed in the Vietnam-era protest against U.S. policy in Southeast Asia, over a hundred veterans

The Posner (and Arbatov and Gerasimov) Problem

Last spring, after President Reagan’s televised address to the nation on his proposed 1987 defense budget, the networks provided the traditional response time to the Democratic Party, represented in this

"Rightist Overtones." Indeed

Being “in the center” is usually considered desirable in American public life. “Middle-of-the-road” carries with it images of the tolerance, decency, and reasonableness that Americans admire. But where is “the

American Purpose, Our Purposes

Beneath the surface of American public life a great debate is gathering. The great debate is not about the Strategic Defense Initiative, aid to the Nicaraguan resistance, international terrorism, or

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