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Pope John who?

It’s an old habit in American presidential politics: when your campaign is going sour, attack the Vatican. The Know-Nothings tried it with some success in the 1840s. James G. Blaine


When Dr. Johnson famously suggested that patriotism was the last refuge of scoundrels, he wasn’t demeaning patriotism. Rather, he was criticizing clever rhetoricians who, to advance their own political agendas,

God-talk and our European cousins

Nothing more graphically illustrates the cultural gap between the United States and western Europe than the recent flap over President’s Bush’s public references to God, to good and evil in

The end of “I’m personally opposed, but…”

In an editorial issue marking the thirtieth anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the National Catholic Reporter urged the U.S. bishops to “find a way to work productively with pro-choice Catholics

Roe v. Wade at 30

Eighteen years ago, when all-purpose leftist Barbara Ehrenreich announced in the New York Times that her “one regret” about her abortions was that “they cost money that might otherwise have

The peace that is possible

John Paul II’s message for the January 1 “World Day of Peace” gives everyone a chance to think carefully about the peace that is possible in this world – a

Pro-life wins and trouble for Catholic Democrats

Media commentary on last month’s elections has generally ignored one important fact: many pro-abortion political action committees saw their candidates get clobbered, while pro-life forces registered significant gains. NARAL, the

Dallas, Rome, and beyond

Single-issue advocacy groups have a long history in American public life. Those who imagine that the Church is another kind of political community celebrate the role of advocacy groups in

Just War and Pre-emption: Three Questions

As the debate over Iraq has intensified, three basic questions about pre-emptive military action and the just war tradition have emerged. The questions are not easy, the situation is fraught

A Saint from Richmond?

On All Souls’ Day last year, I accompanied several priests and students of Rome’sPontifical North American College to a Mass being offered at the college mausoleum in Rome’s great cemetery,

The Courage To Be Judgemental

Yale undergraduate Alison Hornstein became a national celebrity this past December when her guest Newsweek column challenged the inability of her classmates and professors to say that what happened on

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