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To Sanctify the World: The Vital Legacy of Vatican II

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Lord, please don’t hear this prayer

As I understand the theory behind the General Intercessions or Prayer of the Faithful, the petitions are supposed to be short and rather formulaic: we are to pray for the

Who’s Delegitimizing Whom?

The editors of the New York Times would rather brush their teeth with barbed wire than see George W. Bush re-elected. All the more reason, then, to ponder the Times’

Abu Ghraib and Just War in Iraq

The virtually universal American revulsion at photographs showing abuse of Iraqi prisoners by U.S. troops tells us something important about this country – something that can’t be reduced to the

Divine Wisdom and Human Wisdom

A hundred years or so ago, in a spasm of precocious political correctness, the Overseers of Harvard University dropped “pro Christo et ecclesia” from the university crest, leaving the unadorned

Catholic confusions in the Congress

On May 10, forty-eight Members of the U.S. House of Representatives – all Catholics, all Democrats, forty-five pro-choice, three pro-life – wrote Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington, chairman of the

The President and The Pope

They may have seemed, at first blush, an unlikely pair: the American B-movie actor turned conservative politician, and the mystical, philosophical, poetically inclined Polish priest turned Pope. Yet historical coincidences

Religious Conviction and Democratic Etiquette

During the American civil rights movement, a piece of African-American wisdom came into broad circulation in the United States: “You’ve got to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.”

The Kerry challenge

During his campaign for the presidency, Senator John Kerry has tried in various ways to square his self-description as a “believing and practicing Catholic” with his unalloyed record of support

More on marriage

Why support a Federal Marriage Amendment? Here are ten reasons why. 1. The FMA will prevent activist judges from redefining marriage to fit their squinty reading of the “signs of

A nation-defining election

Not all presidential elections are equal. It made a lot of difference to America’s future that Andrew Jackson beat John Quincy Adams in 1828, that Abraham Lincoln bested Stephen A.

The election and the Supremes

A British officer, reflecting ruefully in 1781 on the colonies Britain had just lost, remarked that “these Americans are a curious, original people; they know how to govern themselves, but

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