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To Sanctify the World: The Vital Legacy of Vatican II

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U.S. Affairs

A Catholic Renaissance at Princeton

Having taught James Madison at the College of New Jersey (as Princeton was then known), the Rev. John Witherspoon has a claim to the honorable title, “Grandfather of the U.S.

Dancing Around the Issue

As the Roberts hearings vividly demonstrated, and as any confirmation hearing between now and January 2009 will similarly demonstrate, Roe v. Wade did not settle the abortion debate. Neither did

Summer Civics and Stem Cells

On May 24, the U.S. House of Representatives accelerated America’s descent into Huxley’s brave new world by voting to provide Federal funding for embryo-destructive stem cell research. The U.S. Conference

The Nicholson Standard

Sometime in the next few months, a new U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See will be moving into Villa Richardson on Rome’s Janiculum Hill. The shoes waiting to be filled

Extremism? Whose Extremism?

During the recent, raucous debate in the U.S. Senate over what’s procedurally kosher in considering a president’s judicial selections, opponents of several Bush nominees persistently dismissed the prospective judges in

The New Catholicism in the New South

Many Americans still think of their Catholic fellow-citizens as white urban ethnics making a hardscrabble living, raising large families, and cutting themselves into the action through big-city political machines. That’s

The Pope and the President on Freedom

Commentators have noted parallels between President Bush’s second inaugural address and President Kennedy’s 1961 inaugural; one witty historian suggested that it was “the best speech Woodrow Wilson ever wrote.” What

Bishops Regaining Their Voice

Catholic editors around the country voted “Catholics and politics” the #1 religious news story of 2004. Fair enough. Still, I’d argue that the most significant development in U.S. Catholic life

Pro-life strategies

What can pro-life Americans realistically expect in the next four years, with a pro-life president and pro-life majorities in both houses of Congress? Throughout the recent presidential campaign, pro-abortion advocates

Talking the Talk

The night after the election, PBS correspondent Margaret Warner recounted a conversation she’d had with a John Kerry aide, still reeling from the results of a contest he and his

Cold War winners and losers

This past June, as the great and the good gathered in Washington for President Reagan’s funeral, Mikhail Gorbachev, last leader of the late, unlamented Soviet Union, had a chat with

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