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Liebe Europäer

In a recent article in Die Zeit, former West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt confessed that he wants to “love America again.” He listed 10 conditions for a lovers’ reconciliation, each

One Party Can’t Defeat Jihadism

Campaign vows of “bipartisanship” are like New Year’s resolutions to eat less and exercise more: ubiquitous, well-intentioned and usually forgotten. Yet if anything has become clear since 9/11, it’s that

Church and State

According to the shared wisdom of the punditocracy and the blogosphere, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney badly needed a “JFK moment” when he flew into College Station, Texas, to deliver

Civility, Charity and Truth-Telling

Thoughtful Americans across the spectrum of political opinion are rightly concerned about the degree to which our national politics has degenerated into the manipulation of consumer desires and passions, often

Please Pass the Ontology

A philosophically-minded young friend recently sent me a fine rant, after having watched a presidential candidates’ cattle call on CNN. The discussion had focused on religion. Several candidates, who identified

Spin and Professionalism

The press was even more an unruly beast in 1787 than it is today; yet the Framers of the Constitution gave the fourth estate extraordinary latitude, convinced that the robust

Clinical Notes

The day after the Supreme Court upheld the federal partial birth abortion ban by a 5-4 vote, the pseudonymous “Diogenes” offered a rather chilling commentary on the Catholic World News

Tragedy? Or Wickedness?

At Mass on the morning of April 17, hours after a shooting spree at Virginia Tech had left dozens dead (including the shooter), the homilist spoke of the “tragedy” that

The New Yorker Spins the Pope

The New Yorker was once famous for the ferocity of its fact-checking and editing. No more. Any magazine whose editors give a pass to falsehoods (e.g., Catholics believe that “heaven,

Presidential Spring Training

In late December 1959, Senator John F. Kennedy was annoyed by a news report that he was committed to running for president. Which, of course, he was — as everyone

Nancy and Me

Nancy Pelosi and I grew up in the same Baltimore, in the days of May Processions and Forty Hours’ devotions, of Baltimore Catechisms and nuns in starched wimples, of Catholic

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