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CAMPAIGN 2008: Jaw, Jaw, War, War

Winston Churchill, master of eloquent bellicosity, is also remembered for saying that “‘Jaw, jaw’ is better than ‘war, war.’” As a general matter, who could disagree? If conflicts can be

The Democrats and the Abortion Wars

A few years ago, Richard Doerflinger, a pro-life Roman Catholic intellectual with decades of experience in the trenches of America’s culture wars, was invited to debate the moral and legal

Serious Catholicism For a Serious Election

Full disclosure, up front: Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver is an old friend; the Archdiocese of Denver syndicates this column to Catholic papers throughout the country; I played a (very)

The Hate Disease

A glimpse at what faces the next president of the United States can be gleaned from a speech by Dr. Attah Abu Al-Subh, culture minister of Hamas, which controls the

An Anthem Switch?

Although I have lived in the Washington, D.C., area since 1984, I am an orthodox Baltimorean by birth, nurture, education, baseball loyalties and a settled disdain for offering tartar sauce

The Presumptions of a Pastoral Letter

Twenty-five years ago, in early May 1983, the Catholic bishops of the United States approved what many imagined would be a historic public policy statement: The Challenge of Peace [TCOP].

The Pope and the Universities

Benedict XVI had barely left the Catholic University of America on April 17 when the Catholic higher education establishment’s spin machine shifted into high gear. One university president said that

A Papal Follow-Up

Amidst some splendid Catholic theater, there were a lot of ideas to chew on in Benedict XVI’s visit to the United States. The pope’s sermon in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, in

The End of the Caricature

Forty-eight hours into his visit to the United States, Pope Benedict XVI had done something remarkable: he had successfully buried the cartoon Joseph Ratzinger, a nasty caricature created decades earlier

Adding Spice to the American Mix

Pope Benedict XVI’s first papal incursion into the United States is, basically, a trip to the United Nations with a pastoral visit wrapped around it. For the life of the

The Sixties, Again and Again

Campaigning for the French presidency last year, Nicolas Sarkozy ran hard against what Europeans still refer to as 1968, describing the post-1968 New Left as “immoral” and “cynical” and defining

Sandboxes and Seminar Rooms

Driving through the Cleveland suburbs recently, I had a great life-imitates-art moment: a sign on Interstate 271 announcing two impending exits, one for “Harvard Rd.” and the other for “Chagrin

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