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World Religions by the Numbers

Every January, the International Bulletin of Missionary Research publishes a “Statistical Table on Global Mission” – a detailed look at the world religious situation prepared by the mathematically indefatigable David

After Twenty Years: A Jesuit Self-Critique

Twenty years ago, John Paul II took the unprecedented step of appointing a “personal delegate” to govern the Society of Jesus. It was an attempt at papal shock therapy, aimed

Cloning, Science, and Us

The specter of Francis Bacon, the English philosopher and statesman who died in 1626, haunts the U.S. Senate’s debate over cloning in 2002. Bacon, founding father of the scientific method

Truths and Consequences

Kevin Hasson of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty – a nonpartisan, public interest law firm that defends the free expression of all religious traditions – is one of the

The Sky Is Not Falling

Bjorn Lomborg, who describes himself as an “old left-wing Greenpeace member” and teaches statistics at the University of Aarhus in Denmark, was wandering around Los Angeles in early 1997 when

What Makes A Novel "Catholic"

Books-on-tape are a wonderful invention. They’re perfect for convalescents and folks with deteriorating eyesight; they redeem many a long stretch on the Interstates. They also give us the pleasure of

The Courage To Be Judgemental

Yale undergraduate Alison Hornstein became a national celebrity this past December when her guest Newsweek column challenged the inability of her classmates and professors to say that what happened on

Real-World Peace

In his recent World Day of Peace message, John Paul II taught a truth many Catholics have seemingly forgotten: that “peace,” in the classic Catholic sense of the term, is

Onward And Upward

The world press continues to insist that he’s the “frail and failing Pope.” John Paul II seems to have other ideas about the future. On December 16, 2001, the Pope

Leon Kass: A national treasure

Leon Kass may be the most morally earnest man I’ve ever met. His students at the University of Chicago revere him as a teacher who, quite literally, changed their lives.

Not Negotiable

Immediately after John Paul II received President Bush at Castel Gandolfo on 23 July, the spin-masters got to work — and made a hash of things. In his formal remarks,

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