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Christ Conquers

When he was my student at the St. Thomas Seminary School of Theology in Kenmore, Washington, twenty-seven years ago, neither Michael Shields nor I had any idea that we would

Prophetic witness, then and now

Norman Podhoretz, who was arguably America’s most influential magazine editor during his thirty-five year tenure at Commentary, has been in love with the Hebrew Bible his entire life. Returning to

The Christ-centered rosary

Last month, on the twenty-fourth anniversary of his election, John Paul II proclaimed a “Year of the Rosary,” issued an apostolic letter on the famous prayer-cycle, and proposed adding five

Dallas, Rome, and beyond

Single-issue advocacy groups have a long history in American public life. Those who imagine that the Church is another kind of political community celebrate the role of advocacy groups in

A new dialogue with Islam?

The French literary gadfly, André Malraux, once shocked (shocked!) the devoutly secular French professoriate by observing that “the twenty-first century will be religious, or it will not be.” Like other

Moral Clarity in a Time of War

This article was adapted from the second William E. Simon Lecture In Book Three of Tolstoy’s epic, War and Peace, the hero, Pierre Bezukhov, arrives at the battlefield of Borodino

The Church in “the Rest”

Philip Jenkins, a distinguished historian and professor of religious studies at Penn State, is an intellectual provocateur who backs up his provocations with data. Cutting straight across the academic grain,

Contradictions? Or confusions?

Discussing her documentary, “John Paul II: The Millennial Pope,” in a recent interview, the distinguished film-maker Helen Whitney noted that “There was nothing easy about that film….He is a tower

Just War and Pre-emption: Three Questions

As the debate over Iraq has intensified, three basic questions about pre-emptive military action and the just war tradition have emerged. The questions are not easy, the situation is fraught

The Summer Game: A Memoir

When I shed this mortal coil it may surprise St. Peter, on examining my file, to discover that I was once a sportswriter. Indeed, not a mere sportswriter, but a

The "Mystery of Evil"

In his Holy Thursday letter to priests, John Paul II described clergy sexual abuse as an expression of the “mystery of evil” at work in the world. Some columnists scoffed

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