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"Xavier Rynne," R.I.P.

No reporter or op-ed columnist ever refers to the Dalai Lama as a “liberal” Buddhist or a “conservative” Buddhist. I suspect that’s because everyone understands that Buddhism is far too

A Saint from Richmond?

On All Souls’ Day last year, I accompanied several priests and students of Rome’sPontifical North American College to a Mass being offered at the college mausoleum in Rome’s great cemetery,

Martyrs in Algeria

On March 27, 1996, Muslim extremists kidnaped seven Trappist monks from their monastery in the Atlas Mountains near Algiers. After two months, the Groupe Islamique Arme (GIA) announced that the

What Celibacy Is, and Isn’t

Today’s scandal-time has inevitably raised questions about the celibate priesthood. Most polls indicate that a significant majority of U.S. Catholics would not object to changing the practice of clerical celibacy.

From Scandal To Reform: (Part 4)

Over the past several months, as story after story of clerical misconduct filled the papers and the news broadcasts, I have thought time and again of the good priests I

From Scandal to Reform: (Part 3)

However grim the present circumstances may seem, many of the pre-requisites for a thoroughgoing revitalization of the priesthood in America are already in place Catholics have not abandoned their priests

From Scandal To Reform: (Part 2)

One of the reasons the Catholic Church in America finds itself embroiled in scandal and spiritual crisis is that we have not taken the O’Sullivan Principle seriously. Named for its

From Scandal To Reform (Part 1)

Every great period of reform in Catholic history has included a thoroughgoing reform of the priesthood and the episcopate. That was true of the early Middle Ages, when celibacy became

Mary: Ecumenical "Third Rail"?

Ever since the Catholic Church entered the modern ecumenical movement during the Second Vatican Council, Catholicism’s Marian piety and the doctrines of the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption have been

Salvation Is Not For Sale

After expounding a general theory of the universe, a famous scientist was once asked where God fit into the picture. “God?” he replied. “I have no need of that hypothesis.”<msonormal$3>That’s

"We are not a Museum"

During the day of prayer for peace in Assisi on January 24, thirteen religious leaders read a “final declaration.” The first “commitment,” read by Dr. Konrad Reiser, general secretary of

Russian Orthodoxy and its Discontents

Titles can be revealing. For example: it tells you something about the cast of mind that pervades the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church that the ecumenical office in the

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