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The “Magnificat” Phenomenon

Go to any Catholic venue in the United States – parish church, retreat center, convent, rectory, high school, college chaplaincy, retirement community – and you’ll find it. You can also

The end of “I’m personally opposed, but…”

In an editorial issue marking the thirtieth anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the National Catholic Reporter urged the U.S. bishops to “find a way to work productively with pro-choice Catholics

Myths about Cardinal Law’s resignation

<msoNormal$3>Within hours of Cardinal Bernard Law’s resignation this past December, the myth-makers were at work, spinning tales of why this had happened and what it all meant. Before two such

“Boundary violations”?

Ten months ago, as the Catholic Crisis of 2002 was reaching white heat, a major archdiocese published a pamphlet for all its employees entitled “Respecting Boundaries.” I don’t doubt the

Roe v. Wade at 30

Eighteen years ago, when all-purpose leftist Barbara Ehrenreich announced in the New York Times that her “one regret” about her abortions was that “they cost money that might otherwise have

The peace that is possible

John Paul II’s message for the January 1 “World Day of Peace” gives everyone a chance to think carefully about the peace that is possible in this world – a

More than a fish story

I may have used this story before, but if so, it’s good enough to repeat. Father Raymond E. Brown, S.S., spent the better part of his life studying the Gospel

The Christmas Mystery

As John Saward reminds us in his new book on Christmas, Cradle of Redeeming Love, a “mystery” of faith is not a “mystery” in Sherlock Holmes’ sense of the term.

Pro-life wins and trouble for Catholic Democrats

Media commentary on last month’s elections has generally ignored one important fact: many pro-abortion political action committees saw their candidates get clobbered, while pro-life forces registered significant gains. NARAL, the

The Pope, the Italians, and the rest of us

Given the Catholic Church’s historic role in forming what we now know as “Italy,” you might think that relations between the Vatican and the Italian government had always run rather

What is the just war tradition for?

For more than fifteen hundred years, the venerable “just war tradition” has helped responsible Christians think through the many moral problems involved in deciding to go to war and in

Christ Conquers

When he was my student at the St. Thomas Seminary School of Theology in Kenmore, Washington, twenty-seven years ago, neither Michael Shields nor I had any idea that we would

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