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A nation-defining election

Not all presidential elections are equal. It made a lot of difference to America’s future that Andrew Jackson beat John Quincy Adams in 1828, that Abraham Lincoln bested Stephen A.

The Gospels and anti-Semitism

During John Paul II’s pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 2000, I had breakfast in Jerusalem with an immensely learned and kindly rabbi, an American who had moved to Israel

The grittiness of Catholic faith

What do Chartres Cathedral and St. Mary’s Church in Greenville, South Carolina have in common? Or the Sistine Chapel and Chesterton’s favorite pub? Or Baltimore’s “Old Cathedral” and John Henry

A life risked for freedom

In early December 1980, Warsaw Pact infantry and armored divisions, most of them Soviet, moved into position along Poland’s borders. Three months earlier, the Solidarity movement had sprung to life

Looking forward to death: a Lenten meditation

The late, great Father John Courtney Murray, S.J., was a man of aphorisms, many of them paradoxical. Thus “a gentleman is never rude, save intentionally.” After a year abruptly punctuated

Gridirons and virtues

After another NFL season in which game after game featured self-congratulatory end zone shenanigans, readers below a certain age may find it difficult to believe that professional football was once

Italian lite

Roberto Pazzi has written two novels about the Vatican. His recent op-ed piece in the New York Times, “Why the Next Pope Needs to Be Italian,” suggests that Mr. Pazzi

Decisions in Dallas

Decisions of great consequence for the future of Catholic higher education will be made over the next weeks and months by the board of trustees of the University of Dallas.

The election and the Supremes

A British officer, reflecting ruefully in 1781 on the colonies Britain had just lost, remarked that “these Americans are a curious, original people; they know how to govern themselves, but

“Marriage”: A word with consequences

The proposed federal marriage amendment begins with this straightforward affirmation: “Marriage in the United States is exclusively a union of one man and one woman.” Some pro-family critics of the

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