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The Catholic Difference is a weekly column syndicated by the Archdiocese of Denver.

Quincentenary reflections

Although I’ve been writing columns for the Catholic press since 1979, I took a break from the mid-Eighties through the early Nineties. My current column, The Catholic Difference, began in

Lord, please don’t hear this prayer

As I understand the theory behind the General Intercessions or Prayer of the Faithful, the petitions are supposed to be short and rather formulaic: we are to pray for the

Who’s Delegitimizing Whom?

The editors of the New York Times would rather brush their teeth with barbed wire than see George W. Bush re-elected. All the more reason, then, to ponder the Times’

Leading from the cross

Pope Leo XIII led the Catholic Church for some twenty-five years before he died in 1903 at age 93. A few years before his death, Leo received a much younger

The ‘Kazanskaya’ Goes Home to a Dying Land

In late August, a Vatican delegation returned a venerable icon of the Madonna of Kazan to Patriarch Aleksy II in Moscow. The “Kazanskaya” had had an interesting journey. She disappeared

The Vatican and the United States

John Allen is my friend, so I’m a suspect witness in his case. Still, like FDR at his first inaugural, “let me assert my firm belief” that Allen, the National

The Gospel without Compromise

I’ve only met Father Frank Brennan, a prominent Australian Jesuit, once. But I was glad of his company that day. It was May 1991, and both Father Brennan and I

Catholic = (Jesus + me)? Not exactly.

The recent debate over the ecclesiastical status of pro-abortion Catholic politicians has sharpened several issues in U.S. Catholic life: the utility (or lack thereof) of “seamless garment” approaches to public

No Theology, Please, We’re British

This past summer I had a pleasant dinner with a senior British churchman who happened to be visiting Cracow while I was teaching there. His Grace was, in many respects,

Father Vakoc, Catholic hero

Columnist Mark Steyn aptly describes film-maker Michael Moore, of “Fahrenheit 9/11” fame (or infamy), as a “crockumentarian.” Here’s an Iraq story that wasn’t in Mr. Moore’s crockumentary and hasn’t broken

Catholicism and Islam: A Strategic Dialogue

This past June 1, the president of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf, took to the op-ed page of the Washington Post to make a “plea for enlightened moderation” to his Islamic brethren

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