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A primer on the Holy Communion controversy

The debate over the reception of Holy Communion by Catholic politicians who persistently support permissive abortion laws continues. This debate is an opportunity for authentic Catholic reform, in our sacramental

Divine Wisdom and Human Wisdom

A hundred years or so ago, in a spasm of precocious political correctness, the Overseers of Harvard University dropped “pro Christo et ecclesia” from the university crest, leaving the unadorned

Catholic confusions in the Congress

On May 10, forty-eight Members of the U.S. House of Representatives – all Catholics, all Democrats, forty-five pro-choice, three pro-life – wrote Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington, chairman of the

In praise of English

In 1958, Evelyn Waugh went to British East Africa, then in the last years of colonial rule, to conduct research for his biography of Msgr. Ronald Knox, the famous convert,

Iraq and just war, one more time

Judging from the torrent of e-mail I’ve received since my column several weeks ago on Iraq and the just war tradition, a lot of Catholics really don’t understand what that

A patron saint for life

Amidst the myriad canonizations and beatifications proclaimed by John Paul II, some have involved exceptionally dramatic lives. Think of Saint Maximilian Kolbe, the Franciscan martyr of charity who offered his

Dealing with DaVinci

With sales of The DaVinci Code now topping seven million, it’s a safe bet that Dan Brown’s Catholic readership is well into seven figures. Anecdotal evidence from around the Catholic

The Kerry challenge

During his campaign for the presidency, Senator John Kerry has tried in various ways to square his self-description as a “believing and practicing Catholic” with his unalloyed record of support

Learning to pray

The readings from Acts that we hear between Easter and Pentecost remind us that the early Church was a school of prayer. Jesus is taken up into heaven; the disciples,

More on marriage

Why support a Federal Marriage Amendment? Here are ten reasons why. 1. The FMA will prevent activist judges from redefining marriage to fit their squinty reading of the “signs of

Iraq and just war, revisited

A year later, here’s the question posed to those who argued that it would be morally justifiable to use armed force to compel Iraq’s compliance with U.N. disarmament resolutions: if

A nation-defining election

Not all presidential elections are equal. It made a lot of difference to America’s future that Andrew Jackson beat John Quincy Adams in 1828, that Abraham Lincoln bested Stephen A.

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