Zinedine Zidane vs. Jackie Robinson

Having a decided preference for sports which recognize that God gave us opposable thumbs for a reason, I tried to ignore the first phase of this past summer’s World Cup.

Baseball, Theology, and Guilds

There’s more than enough blame to parcel out in major league baseball’s steroids scandal. Ownership ignored the problem because juiced home-run numbers were reviving interest in the pastime after the

Gridirons and virtues

After another NFL season in which game after game featured self-congratulatory end zone shenanigans, readers below a certain age may find it difficult to believe that professional football was once

The Summer Game: A Memoir

When I shed this mortal coil it may surprise St. Peter, on examining my file, to discover that I was once a sportswriter. Indeed, not a mere sportswriter, but a

Meditation on Opening Day

Until the philistines in charge started imitating the NBA and filling the ballparks with rock-‘n’-roll between innings, baseball taught one of the lost arts of this televisual age: the craft


Moral theologians have long disputed the point at which a child reaches the “age of reason.” But surely, in these United States, the answer is clear: one reaches the “age

Take Him Out to the Ball Game

As we celebrate the 1987 World Series amidst continuing debate over Mikhail Gorbachev’s policy of glasnost, we recall from earlier in the season an important item from the sports pages

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