Forgetting God

On the other, other hand, there is the argument advanced by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (and seemingly shared by John Paul II) that World War I, World War II, and the Cold

Arguments as Old as America

  During President Reagan’s two administrations, Elliott Abrams held three senior State Department positions, as Assistant Secretary of State for, first, International Organization Affairs, then Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs,

God, Man, and H. L. Mencken

Mencken: A Life. By Fred Hobson. Random House. 650 pp. $35. H. L. Mencken, My Life as Author and Editor. Edited with an introduction by Jonathan Yardley. Knopf. 450 pp.

Mrs. Roosevelt’s Confusions, Revisited

In all of this, there are welcome signs of progress in what Winston Churchill once called “the hard march of man.” But there is also a great paradox. For these

A Mitteleuropa Gallery

Lothar de Maizière was the first and last noncommunist prime minister of “East Germany.” He compares his people’s experience and their current discontents to the experience of the Israelites in

The Reagan Initiative

Ten years after Douglas’s book, President Ronald Reagan gave the new thinking real political impetus when he addressed the British House of Commons in historic Westminster Hall. There, on June

Substance Vs. Character

It is now less than a year until the 1988 election, and we therefore end our self-imposed silence on matters of presidential politicking with a brief reflection on the fates

Remembering Scoop

What if . . . ? is an endlessly fascinating historical game. What if the Confederacy had won the War between the States? If Alexander Kerensky had made reformist social

Decline and Fall

Max Lerner, the syndicated columnist who began his career on the farther reaches of the American Left in the 1930s, but who has moved steadily toward the center in later

Antigone Meets Joan of Arc

Contemporary American feminism has never known quite what to do with the war/peace debate. One faction argues that equality requires women in the military to go into combat. Another faction

Peace, Liberty, and Land Reform

During the worst days of the early 1980s’ debate over U.S. policy in El Salvador, Roy Prosterman of the University of Washington Law School was a marked man. By both

The Hauerwas Theses

Professor Stanley Hauerwas of the Duke University Divinity School is on anybody’s short list of the most provocative and thoughtful moral theologians practicing that ancient craft in America today. Professor

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