The Radical Christian

For all its diversity of accomplishment and complexity of thought, the pontificate of John Paul II was a series of variations on one great theme: Jesus Christ is the answer

Mourning and Remembrance

He once described his high-school years as a time in which he was “completely absorbed” by a passion for the theater. So it was fitting that Karol Jozef Wojtyla lived

A Disciple Defined by His Faith

[This article was republished in the Courier Mail of Queensland, Australia under the title “Driving Force for All to Live Without Fear.”] He was the most visible human being in history.

John Paul II: An Appreciation

When John Paul II was hospitalized in February, evangelist Billy Graham praised John Paul as the greatest Christian witness of the second half of the 20th century. It was a

Covering a Sick Pope

Shortly after John Paul II came home from his first February hospitalization, my NBC colleague, Keith Miller, sent me an e-mail. A foreign correspondent for decades, Keith has seen a

Lessons of a Pontiff’s Twilight

Five days before he left Poland for the conclave that was to elect him pope, Cardinal Karol Wojtyla attended a party celebrating the 20th anniversary of his consecration as a

A Knight Passes

The ideal knight – courageous and honest, courteous and modest, loyal and pure of heart – isn’t easy to find in any age. Yet I once knew such a man

Ruth Kelly, Myth-Breaker

Late last year, when Italian philosopher and cabinet minister Rocco Buttiglione was denied the post of European Minister of Justice because his convictions on sexual ethics and marriage were unacceptable

The end of terrorism chic?

I was standing in a lengthy airport security line when CNN’s Airport Channel broadcast the news of Yasser Arafat’s death in Paris. And I wondered how many of my fellow-passengers

Leading from the cross

Pope Leo XIII led the Catholic Church for some twenty-five years before he died in 1903 at age 93. A few years before his death, Leo received a much younger

Father Vakoc, Catholic hero

Columnist Mark Steyn aptly describes film-maker Michael Moore, of “Fahrenheit 9/11” fame (or infamy), as a “crockumentarian.” Here’s an Iraq story that wasn’t in Mr. Moore’s crockumentary and hasn’t broken

The President and The Pope

They may have seemed, at first blush, an unlikely pair: the American B-movie actor turned conservative politician, and the mystical, philosophical, poetically inclined Polish priest turned Pope. Yet historical coincidences

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