Britain Can Benefit from Benedict

On May 13, 2004, a septuagenarian German intellectual gave a lecture in the Capital Room of the Italian Senate. Ironies — or at least paradoxes — abounded. The lecturer was

In Praise of Father Schall

One does wonder sometimes about God's ways with his most devoted servants. Several years back, Father James Schall, SJ, one of the greatest of American Jesuits and the living embodiment

Getting Beyond Bainton

Roland Bainton, who died in 1984, was a fixture at the Yale Divinity School for more than four decades and remained an influential Church historian over during two decades of

An Open Letter to Hans Küng

Dr. Küng: A decade and a half ago, a former colleague of yours among the younger progressive theologians at Vatican II told me of a friendly warning he had given

Ted Sorensen, Invincibly Ignorant or Just a Jackass?

Amidst this weekend’s numerous examples of perfidy, moral treason, cowardice, and self-serving, all in aid of passing Obamacare, let’s not lose sight of a brief “review” of Karl Rove’s recent memoir,

Ralph McInerny and the Tragedy of Notre Dame

In late February, Professor Marjorie Garber of Harvard came to the University of Notre Dame as the Provost's Distinguished Lecturer for 2009-2010. Among other engagements, she spoke to a class

Robert Charles Susil, 1974-2010

Four days after my son-in-law, Rob Susil, re-entered Johns Hopkins Hospital, where he would die of an aggressive sarcoma on February 5, the Church marked the Feast of the Presentation

The Lessons of Jean-Marie Lustiger

The following is adapted from a paper delivered at the first international Jean-Marie Lustiger symposium, held at the College des Bernardins in Paris on February 11, 2010. In June 2003,

George and Betsy, Sixty Years Later

George and Betsy Weigel would have marked their diamond wedding anniversary on November 12 — “would have,” because my father died on October 19, 2004, and my mother died, at

Saint Jeanne Jugan

During the brutally hot summer of 2003, thousands of French vacationers remained on holiday rather than returning home to bury their recently deceased parents, who had died from the extraordinary

Irving Kristol, Catholic Social Ethicist?

Several years ago, after Irving Kristol had had a cancerous lung removed, Father Richard John Neuhaus visited him in the hospital. After they chatted briefly, Father Neuhaus, at the door

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