Cartoons and the Clash of Civilizations

Harvard professor Samuel Huntington’s “class of civilizations” hypothesis — a provocative preview of a twenty-first century in which religiously shaped cultural conflicts define the fault-lines of world politics — created a

Introduction to Evelyn Waugh’s Helena

BUY THE BOOK: Click here to purchase the book from Amazon.com. More than one novelist has had an intricate, even prickly, personality. In Evelyn Waugh, however, nature and grace contrived

That Was the Year That Was

Cleaning out my “possibilities” file last month, I bumped into several bits and pieces that never quite made it into columns in 2005. I offer them here, randomly, for whatever

Finding God’s Choice

For those who were there, April 2005 in Rome will always be remembered as a month in which one lived a year’s worth of experiences almost every day. The memories

The trouble with “Karol”

Karol: A Man Who Became Pope, which aired on the Hallmark channel this past August, is a beautiful film about the pre-papal life of the man the world knew as

Exploding the Myth of ‘Hitler’s Pope’

A year or so ago, my friend Liz Lev, the best English-speaking guide in Rome, was taking a group of American tourists through St. Peter’s Basilica. Seeing the bronze statue

Making ‘Catholic’ Make Sense

<msoNormal$3>The ecumenical phenomenon that Colleen Carroll Campbell dubbed “the new faithful” — accomplished young professionals leading lives of intense Christian orthodoxy — has had interesting manifestations in the Catholic Church.

What Makes a University "Great"?

Milwaukee’s Marquette University has been in a bit of a flap. Marquette’s athletic teams had long been known as the “Warriors.” When the politically correct protested, the heirs of Jacques

The Greats Make a Comeback

Although my high school years coincided with the Age of Aquarius, I was spared the kind of reading lists that now imagine Dan (DaVinci Code) Brown to be a serious

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