Where Religious Freedom Rings

New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral might be the most famous Catholic church in America, but Baltimore’s old cathedral¬†— the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed

Restoring the Light of Religious Freedom

When John Carroll was named the first Roman Catholic bishop of the United States in 1789, this middle-aged son of the Maryland aristocracy had a daunting task on his hands.

Egg Tax

If you think there’s no such thing as a slippery slope, have a look at this chilling piece by William Saletan, “Better Than Sex.” Reading Saletan’s account of embryo eugenics,

The Blessings of Charity

Americans are the most generous people in the world, freely giving hundreds of billions of dollars each year to an extraordinarily diverse array of charitable institutions, at home and abroad.

Designer "Gospels"

The New York Times had itself a glorious week last month. First there was the front page “news” that, given ancient Galilean climatological oddities, Jesus might have walked on…ice. But

A Golden Dome Opportunity Missed

A pall will hang over commencement at the University of Notre Dame this year — the pall of a great opportunity missed. Temporarily, one must hope. Notre Dame’s new president,

The Da Vinci Code Opportunity

I was on the road a lot during Lent. And from sea to shining sea, nary an airport bookstore was without a Da Vinci Code display, in anticipation of the

Remarks by George Weigel

On April 20, in the Royal Castle in Warsaw, the Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Kazimierz Ujazdowski, presented EPPC Senior Fellow George Weigel with the Gloria Artis Gold

60 Minutes and Stem Cells

The CBS news magazine 60 Minutes prides itself on asking the hard questions that other television news vehicles are too polite, or perhaps too afraid, to ask. That tough-minded approach

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