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To Sanctify the World: The Vital Legacy of Vatican II

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John Paul II

Great bosh

Perhaps it was because I had just spent a week lecturing in England. But when I read the latest charge that my views on just war and Iraq constituted “dissent”

The peace that is possible

John Paul II’s message for the January 1 “World Day of Peace” gives everyone a chance to think carefully about the peace that is possible in this world – a

The Pope, the Italians, and the rest of us

Given the Catholic Church’s historic role in forming what we now know as “Italy,” you might think that relations between the Vatican and the Italian government had always run rather

The Christ-centered rosary

Last month, on the twenty-fourth anniversary of his election, John Paul II proclaimed a “Year of the Rosary,” issued an apostolic letter on the famous prayer-cycle, and proposed adding five

Contradictions? Or confusions?

Discussing her documentary, “John Paul II: The Millennial Pope,” in a recent interview, the distinguished film-maker Helen Whitney noted that “There was nothing easy about that film….He is a tower

The "Mystery of Evil"

In his Holy Thursday letter to priests, John Paul II described clergy sexual abuse as an expression of the “mystery of evil” at work in the world. Some columnists scoffed

From Scandal To Reform: (Part 4)

Over the past several months, as story after story of clerical misconduct filled the papers and the news broadcasts, I have thought time and again of the good priests I

From Scandal to Reform: (Part 3)

However grim the present circumstances may seem, many of the pre-requisites for a thoroughgoing revitalization of the priesthood in America are already in place Catholics have not abandoned their priests

From Scandal To Reform: (Part 2)

One of the reasons the Catholic Church in America finds itself embroiled in scandal and spiritual crisis is that we have not taken the O’Sullivan Principle seriously. Named for its

From Scandal To Reform (Part 1)

Every great period of reform in Catholic history has included a thoroughgoing reform of the priesthood and the episcopate. That was true of the early Middle Ages, when celibacy became

After Twenty Years: A Jesuit Self-Critique

Twenty years ago, John Paul II took the unprecedented step of appointing a “personal delegate” to govern the Society of Jesus. It was an attempt at papal shock therapy, aimed

Truths and Consequences

Kevin Hasson of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty – a nonpartisan, public interest law firm that defends the free expression of all religious traditions – is one of the

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