John Paul II

Getting the Council Right

Every year, just before or after Christmas, the pope meets with senior members of the Roman Curia for a review of the year just past and a preview of the

Exaggerated Love

Ten years ago, on the evening of December 6, 1995, John Paul II changed my life. In May of that year, I had begun talking with his press spokesman, Joaquin

Menino’s Catholic Fallacies

Caricatures of Catholic belief have been a staple of American life since the Colonial period. Once upon a time, the cartoons were drawn and the caricatures were promoted by Protestant

A Betrayal of John Paul II

John Paul II had a keen intuition about the dynamics of history in his native part of the world. In mid-1981, John Paul smelled trouble coming. When a young Polish

Finding God’s Choice

For those who were there, April 2005 in Rome will always be remembered as a month in which one lived a year’s worth of experiences almost every day. The memories

The Death of a Priest

The Death of a Priest On Easter Sunday 2005, one of John Paul II’s oldest friends said, in a voice tinged with both gratitude and sadness, “I think they are

Dr. Wills Comes Unhinged

“Why isn’t there a ‘progressive’ candidate?” was, to some, one of the mysteries of this past April’s conclave. The fact that John Paul II had named so many of the

Beyond Nostalgia in Poland

In late July, the Polish Parliament created a new national holiday, “John Paul II Day,” to be celebrated every October 16, the anniversary of Karol Wojtyla’s election as the 264th

John Paul II’s Saints – and Us

Why was John Paul II the greatest saint-maker in the history of the Church? The question is actually a misnomer, although it’s been used regularly in retrospectives on the pontificate.

The Pope in Private

All lives run along a set of rails: family background, native abilities, education, interests and habits. Karol Wojtyla, John Paul II, was a man whose life ran along a particularly

The Heroic Papacy

He was the Pope neither the Church nor the world expected. The surprises that characterized his twenty-six year pontificate began on the very night of John Paul II’s election. On

Mourning and Remembrance

He once described his high-school years as a time in which he was “completely absorbed” by a passion for the theater. So it was fitting that Karol Jozef Wojtyla lived

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