International Affairs

The Communist Hangover

No small part of the West’s confusion and consternation over the tribulations of post-communist societies is the result of a residual, debilitating misunderstanding of communism. That misunderstanding (coupled with the

The Pusillanimous West

Has Western Europe entered a period of political decadence such that it cannot even police its own neighborhood? The question is unavoidable today. The Balkan crisis is, first and foremost,

The Question of U.S. Military Intervention

In the just-war tradition, the use of proportionate and discriminate military force derives its moral legitimacy from its capacity to advance a just political goal. The end does not justify

Bad, Worse, and Worst

During the martial-law period in Poland in the early 1980s, Poles used to say that there were two solutions to the Polish crisis: the realistic solution and the miraculous solution.

In the Shadow of Columbus

In Latin America, again this year, the desire for regional dialogue has remained strong. The year 1992 was an important anniversary for the continent. Latin Americans recalled the great human


While terrorism has been a major problem in Latin America and a serious problem in western Europe, analysts of terrorism and counterterrorism strategists have tended to focus their attention on

The Travail of Africa

War is tearing apart many of the peoples of Africa. In Liberia, for example, the path to reconciliation is proving hard to find. Despite the efforts of the Economic Community

Five Issues

Were the NCCB to make a powerful moral argument on behalf of responsible internationalism, linking the defense of the “national interest” to a broader sense of national purpose in the

A Community of Prayer

With the end of the Cold War, humankind seemed poised to take what John Paul II proposed in 1981: “a major step forward in civilization and wisdom.” The moral realism

Peace on (Part of) Earth

The Central American peace plan negotiated in August 1987 by the presidents of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua is certain to remain an object of debate in

Peace on (Another Part of) Earth

The debate over a treaty eliminating medium and short-range (INF) missiles in Europe will surely be another hot item in 1988. Prior to the finalization of the treaty, former national

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