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Just War and Pre-emption: Three Questions

As the debate over Iraq has intensified, three basic questions about pre-emptive military action and the just war tradition have emerged. The questions are not easy, the situation is fraught

Russian Orthodoxy and its Discontents

Titles can be revealing. For example: it tells you something about the cast of mind that pervades the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church that the ecumenical office in the

Real-World Peace

In his recent World Day of Peace message, John Paul II taught a truth many Catholics have seemingly forgotten: that “peace,” in the classic Catholic sense of the term, is

When The Bullet Hits The Bullet

History is not without a sense of humor, particularly when it comes to deflating a politician trying to substitute what he imagines to be wit for serious argument. Carl Levin,

Is “Europe” Finished?

On May 3, the United States lost the seat on the United Nations Human Rights Commission it had held since 1947. Among the human rights paragons who did get elected

Beyond the "Clash of Civilizations"

One of the most intriguing proposals for thinking about the post-Cold War world is Harvard professor Samuel Huntington’s suggestion that global politics in the twenty-first century will be channeled along

Changing the Guard at the U.S. Embassy-Vatican

Ever since formal diplomatic relations at the ambassadorial level were established between the United States and the Holy See in 1984, the U.S. government has been represented at the Vatican

A Papal Gift to Russia

Just about a year ago, my wife and I, with four Polish and American friends, were having lunch with John Paul II in the papal apartment. An hour into our


“Before he got here I was worried,” a Polish friend confessed during John Paul II’s homecoming pilgrimage this past June. “I thought the people might be tired of him. But

In Remembrance of Things Past

To many millions of Americans—most particularly, veterans and their families—it remains a noble enterprise. As indeed it was, that necessary, dirty business of defeating Nazi totalitarianism and Japanese militarism. Nothing

Making Sense of the Madness

Because it was the first truly global war, and because its effects continue to be felt in world politics, the causes, conduct, conclusion, and consequences of World War II have

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