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Why Europe doesn’t have children

Budapest archbishop Peter Erdo is, at 51, the youngest member of the College of Cardinals. In a late October interview, Cardinal Erdo said, bluntly, that “our society today is in

A Gulag Christmas

“Vorkuta” has not become a universal metaphor for unmitigated evil, like “Auschwitz.” Indeed, one of the striking things about the collapse of European communism in the late 1980s and early

Latex and life

Cardinal Alfonso López Trujillo, the Colombian president of the Pontifical Council for the Family, has been no stranger to controversy throughout a long, distinguished, and sometimes fractious ecclesiastical career. Yet

Their European Problem… and Ours

Let me take you back in your mind’s eye to the fall of 1940, the fateful period that Winston Churchill called Britain’s “finest hour.” Having subdued the Low Countries and

God-talk and our European cousins

Nothing more graphically illustrates the cultural gap between the United States and western Europe than the recent flap over President’s Bush’s public references to God, to good and evil in

Force of law, law of force

The juxtaposition of “the force of law and the law of force,” a trope that got established in the Catholic conversation months before armed force was used to enforce disarmament

The Just War Case for the War

It didn’t happen in France, when the question recently was what to do about chaos in Cote d’Ivoire. It didn’t happen in the European Union in the 1990s, when the

Great bosh

Perhaps it was because I had just spent a week lecturing in England. But when I read the latest charge that my views on just war and Iraq constituted “dissent”

The peace that is possible

John Paul II’s message for the January 1 “World Day of Peace” gives everyone a chance to think carefully about the peace that is possible in this world – a

The Pope, the Italians, and the rest of us

Given the Catholic Church’s historic role in forming what we now know as “Italy,” you might think that relations between the Vatican and the Italian government had always run rather

What is the just war tradition for?

For more than fifteen hundred years, the venerable “just war tradition” has helped responsible Christians think through the many moral problems involved in deciding to go to war and in

A new dialogue with Islam?

The French literary gadfly, André Malraux, once shocked (shocked!) the devoutly secular French professoriate by observing that “the twenty-first century will be religious, or it will not be.” Like other

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