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Catholic Challenges in Latin America

With Pope Benedict XVI heading for Brazil in mid-May to open the fifth general meeting of CELAM, the pan-continental conference of Latin American bishops, the focus of international Catholic attention

Lent and the Modern Martyrs

Last September, on a lovely afternoon during what Poles call “Golden September,” a friend took my wife and me to Jamna, in the forests of southern Poland between the Beskidy

The KGB Campaign Against Pius XII

Call me skeptical, but I suspect that what my friend Joseph Bottum christened “The Pius War” will never be resolved. Controversy over Pope Pius XII’s role during the Second World

Polish Catholicism’s Opportunity

It’s been a tough month for Polish Catholicism. Yet, even in the wake of the resignation of Warsaw’s new archbishop and the revelations of clerical cooperation with the communist secret

The Archbishop and the Secret Police

The dramatic resignation this past Sunday of the newly installed archbishop of Warsaw, Stanislaw Wielgus, who admitted to having agreed to collaborate with the Polish secret police after initially denying

Baghdad 2006 = Tet 1968?

During the year I spent at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, I enjoyed getting to know Peter Braestrup, who had been Saigon bureau chief of the Washington Post

Regensburg Revisited

In mid-October, thirty-eight Muslim leaders wrote an “Open Letter to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI,” in response to the Pope’s September lecture at Regensburg University and the international controversy that

Europe and America: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

EPPC Senior Fellow George Weigel delivered the Manhattan Institute’s twentieth annual Wriston Lecture in New York on October 26. Previous Wriston lecturers have included Condoleeza Rice, Norman Podhoretz, Antonin Scalia,

An Interreligious Dialogue, Continued

A few days after Pope Benedict XVI’s lecture on faith and reason at Regensburg University, I was invited onto PBS’s News Hour with Jim Lehrer to discuss the ensuing controversy

Europe’s Religious Future?

For a long time now, secular liberals have taken it for granted that history is with them.  In this view, secular quasi-socialist Scandinavia is the destiny toward which we all

John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Islam

Throughout the recent controversy over Pope Benedict XVI’s remarks on faith and reason at Regensburg University, attempts have been made to drive a wedge between Benedict and his papal predecessor.

Mr. Annan’s Confession

For the past fifteen summers, I’ve had the pleasure of teaching some of the brightest graduate students from the new democracies of central and eastern Europe (along with some equally

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