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Whining Russians

The Olympics, having become Big Business, rarely open a window into the political cultures of the countries whose teams are competing. Few athletes (not to mention their sponsors, both the

Willful Blindness and the Ft. Hood Massacre

Dan Henninger, whose Wall Street Journal column is aptly titled “Wonder Land,” put it best: “The only good news about the Ft. Hood massacre is that U.S. electronic surveillance technology

Norwegian Sanctimony, Global Folly

The Norwegian Nobel Committee looked in the mirror, saw the president of the United States, and awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama. One is tempted to vary

Another Black Legend, Down the Chute

The Thirty Years War looms large in the contemporary secularist imagination. There, it's simply taken for granted that religious fanaticism laid waste to Europe between 1618 and 1648, and that

Some Cold War Truths

On Christmas Day, 1991, Mikhail Gorbachev transferred the Soviet nuclear codes to Boris Yeltsin, called President George H.W. Bush to wish him a happy Christmas, and picked up a pen,

Faith and Reason, Irrationality and Terror

The media’s obsession with salvation-through-latex in the matter of AIDS prevention in Africa so dominated the coverage of Pope Benedict XVI’s March pilgrimage to Cameroon and Angola that one of


A year or so ago I got a letter from a man with whom I’d first begun corresponding shortly after his tour as an infantry lieutenant in Iraq. If memory

Freedom, Sanctity, and the Future

CRACOW. We’ve been doing this for seventeen years now, my colleagues and I — running an intensive, three-week, Cracow-based¬† immersion course in Catholic social doctrine, centered on John Paul II’s

Riding the "Solidarity Express"

Twenty-five years ago, in one of its intervals of lucidity, the Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to an unemployed Polish electrician whose surname 95% of the world

The Hate Disease

A glimpse at what faces the next president of the United States can be gleaned from a speech by Dr. Attah Abu Al-Subh, culture minister of Hamas, which controls the

The Name Game

In late April and early May, the blogosphere was in an uproar over two documents circulated by the National Counterterrorism Center [NCTC], which is charged with strategic coordination among federal

Light From the East

One of the more jarring transitions in the liturgical year is the rapid switch from the beautiful pastoral exhortations of the First Letter of Peter, which the Office of Readings

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