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A Message for Russia (and the World)

Rome — When he was chosen as head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in late March 2011, Sviatoslav Shevchuk was six weeks shy of his 41st birthday. Having previously served

Ukraine and Lent

What with the impending centenary of the outbreak of World War I, it’s understandable that commentators should reach back to the European crisis of 1914 for possible parallels to the

Ukraine: Back from the Brink?

In the aftermath of the bloodshed on Tuesday, Ukrainian civil reformers of the Maidan movement were deeply apprehensive throughout Wednesday that the government of President Viktor Yanukovych would strike again with even more lethal

The Resilience of Ukraine’s Freedom-Fighters

As Ukrainian civic-reform activists prepare for a possible assault on Independence Square in Kiev by the massed forces of the Berkut (the Ukrainian internal-security forces) and their hired goons (known

Ukraine in Flames

Early in the evening of February 18, Bishop Borys Gudziak of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church went to the tent-chapel in Kiev’s Independence Square, where he prayed with other clergymen

Ukraine on the Edge

The latest news from Ukraine is not heartening to those who stand with Ukrainian reformers’ demands for a restoration of decency, legality, and probity in their country’s public life. Interim

A Step Backwards in Ukraine

During the mid afternoon of January 29, reports from Kiev indicated that an impasse had been reached on the burning question of an amnesty for Maidan civil-reform protesters who had been

What Putin Wants from Ukraine

The drama of Ukraine continues, with perhaps some glimmers of hope appearing. Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, a major obstacle to reform, has resigned. The Ukrainian Rada met in extraordinary session


For I can see nothing but violence and strife in the city. Night and day they patrol high on the city walls. It is full of wickedness and evil . . .  Its

Grim News from Ukraine

Last Thursday, in response to new and draconian laws that abridged their civil liberties, several Ukrainian democracy activists tweeted and texted that they now “lived in a dictatorship.” Some Western observers may

Gutting Democracy in Ukraine

Less than 72 hours after Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych seemed to back off from his Ministry of Culture’s threat to decertify the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and put this largest of the

The Exhaust Fumes of Stalinism

The religious dimension of the EuroMaidan protests in Ukraine these past two months has gone largely unremarked. Yet in Kiev and elsewhere, the day’s activities at these oases of civil

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