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Italian lite

Roberto Pazzi has written two novels about the Vatican. His recent op-ed piece in the New York Times, “Why the Next Pope Needs to Be Italian,” suggests that Mr. Pazzi

What being “pastoral” means

At a recent meeting to debate Catholic reform in the United States, I said (as I’ve often said before) that I’m less interested in changing the process by which bishops

More than a hobby

Ambrose, Augustine, and Bonaventure; Charles Borromeo and Francis de Sales; Felix Dupanloup and Wilhelm von Ketteler – the tradition of scholar-bishops runs deep in Old World Catholicism and continues to

A long, complex, and open conclave

Rome in mid-October was awash with rumor-mongering and media speculation, what with the Pope’s silver jubilee, an extraordinary meeting of the College of Cardinals to review the pontificate’s accomplishments, and

The great Christian witness of our time

My favorite memory of John Paul II? I must have been asked that question dozens of times in recent weeks, as the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Pope’s election approaches. The

Interim Measures

Thanks to the changing demographics of the American priesthood and the failures of vocation recruitment in some dioceses, “Pastoral Life Directors” – lay women, lay men, or religious sisters who

Church history for dummies

SANDOMIERZ, POLAND. Sandomierz lies in what Poles call “Poland B,” the poor section of the country that didn’t make very much progress between the world wars – not least because

A tale of two translations

Here’s a tale of two translations that doesn’t involve the liturgical tong wars. Permit me a brief but crucial Latin phrase. In the 1965 Pastoral Constitution on the Church in

A theological time-bomb

Every year at Christmas time, the Pope meets with the senior officials of the Roman Curia for a review of the year just past and a look into the year

A novena for priests

Young priests are among the great signs of hope in the Catholic Church in the United States today. Eleven months ago, when the Long Lent of 2002 was taking a

Catholic colleges and Catholic confusions

Catholic high school seniors and parents facing the difficult choice of where-to-go-to-college didn’t have their lives made any easier on March 6, when the New York Times published a story

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