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To Sanctify the World: The Vital Legacy of Vatican II

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Catholic and Vatican Affairs

John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Islam

Throughout the recent controversy over Pope Benedict XVI’s remarks on faith and reason at Regensburg University, attempts have been made to drive a wedge between Benedict and his papal predecessor.

The Pope and Islam

Over the 18 years I have known Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, I’ve formed some distinct impressions of the man. He is, first of all, a Christian gentleman whose

The Pope Was Right

In a brilliant lecture at the University of Regensburg last week, Pope Benedict XVI made three crucial points that are now in danger of being lost in the polemics about his

Truth at the Fifty-Yard Line?

In a series of talks and interviews surrounding the announcement of his retirement as archbishop of Washington, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick frequently told his favorite John Paul II story: the story

Afraid of Change? More Myths of 1968

In a recent editorial on condoms and AIDS, the London-based Tablet, an influential weekly in the Catholic Anglosphere, argued that “in 1968, the most persuasive reason advanced in favor of

The "Truce of 1968," Once Again

In 1968, Cardinal Patrick O’Boyle of Washington, D.C., disciplined nineteen priests who had publicly dissented from Pope Paul VI’s teaching in the encyclical Humanae Vitae. Three years later, the Vatican’s

The Catholic Engine of Western Progress

The standard account of the history of the West from, say, 400-1500 would run something like this: The breakdown of the Roman empire sent western Europe into the centuries-long civilizational

Nothing Ordinary About This Time

The late Dorothy Sayers, author of the Lord Peter Wimsey detective stories, was a gifted amateur theologian, as the notes she wrote to her translation of Dante’s “Divine Comedy” readily

Re-reading Modern History

In his Christmas address to the Roman Curia on true and false interpretations of Vatican II, Pope Benedict XVI asked why the Church had had such a difficult time opening

Getting the Council Right

Every year, just before or after Christmas, the pope meets with senior members of the Roman Curia for a review of the year just past and a preview of the

Forming Priests in Today’s Culture

Now that the initial dust over the Congregation for Catholic Education’s recent Instruction on homosexuality and candidacy for the priesthood has settled, three points seem worth underscoring. The first point

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