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An Unnecessary and Untoward Controversy

Brother Roger Schutz, founder of the Taize Community in France, was one of the great Christian spirits of the 20th century. An ecumenical pioneer, Brother Roger, in the apt words

The Magi and the Host

Questions about Pope Benedict XVI’s ability to connect with young people were decisively answered at World Youth Day in Cologne last month. He connects, all right. And the “connection” is

Beyond Nostalgia in Poland

In late July, the Polish Parliament created a new national holiday, “John Paul II Day,” to be celebrated every October 16, the anniversary of Karol Wojtyla’s election as the 264th

The Nicholson Standard

Sometime in the next few months, a new U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See will be moving into Villa Richardson on Rome’s Janiculum Hill. The shoes waiting to be filled

Catholic Giving

It’s not easy to generalize about American Catholics. There are more than 65 million of us, and a more diverse slice of America is hard to imagine. Catholics are now

How Doctrine Liberates

A lot of press coverage of Archbishop William Levada’s nomination as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith [CDF] revisited some old shibboleths about “watchdogs reining in

Great Expectations

A few days after the election of Pope Benedict XVI, a dozen men friendly to the new pontiff met for dinner in Rome. Judging from the expectations among some of

What Benedict XVI Means

ROME. The election of Pope Benedict XVI means many things: a resounding affirmation of the pontificate of John Paul the Great; an overwhelming vote of confidence in Joseph Ratzinger, one

Tales from Eight Conclaves

The next conclave will be strikingly different from its predecessors: there will be a far larger and much more diverse group of electors; the cardinals will be living comfortably (in

John Paul II’s Saints – and Us

Why was John Paul II the greatest saint-maker in the history of the Church? The question is actually a misnomer, although it’s been used regularly in retrospectives on the pontificate.

The Next Pope–and Why He Matters to All of Us

[This article was originally delivered as EPPC’s Fourth Annual William E. Simon Lecture on January 12, 2005. It will be printed in the Spring 2005 issue of Notre Dame Magazine, and is

Visiting the Seminaries

When the U.S. cardinals came to Rome to discuss the Long Lent of 2002 in April of that year, they recommended that a visitation be made of all U.S. seminaries,

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