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"Lede" Us Not into Confusion

Journalists often use the spelling “lede” to distinguish the first sentence of a story from other connotations of “lead.” The 2006 Lede Us Not Into Confusion Prize goes to Malcolm

The Archbishop and the Secret Police

The dramatic resignation this past Sunday of the newly installed archbishop of Warsaw, Stanislaw Wielgus, who admitted to having agreed to collaborate with the Polish secret police after initially denying

The Great Places

Ever since the Church’s first bishops gathered their priests and people around them for the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, Christians have thought of the cathedral — the church in

From Centesimus Annus to Deus Caritas Est

On December 12, the Acton Institute hosted a conference at Rome’s Pontifical Gregorian University on the relationship of John Paul II’s 1991 social encyclical, Centesimus Annus, to Pope Benedict XVI’s

Regensburg Revisited

In mid-October, thirty-eight Muslim leaders wrote an “Open Letter to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI,” in response to the Pope’s September lecture at Regensburg University and the international controversy that

From Rottweiler to Dunce?

A few days after the election of Pope Benedict XVI, some friends and I gathered for a celebratory dinner at Rome’s Taverna Giulia — a favorite haunt of journalists, due

An Interreligious Dialogue, Continued

A few days after Pope Benedict XVI’s lecture on faith and reason at Regensburg University, I was invited onto PBS’s News Hour with Jim Lehrer to discuss the ensuing controversy

John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Islam

Throughout the recent controversy over Pope Benedict XVI’s remarks on faith and reason at Regensburg University, attempts have been made to drive a wedge between Benedict and his papal predecessor.

The Pope and Islam

Over the 18 years I have known Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, I’ve formed some distinct impressions of the man. He is, first of all, a Christian gentleman whose

The Pope Was Right

In a brilliant lecture at the University of Regensburg last week, Pope Benedict XVI made three crucial points that are now in danger of being lost in the polemics about his

Truth at the Fifty-Yard Line?

In a series of talks and interviews surrounding the announcement of his retirement as archbishop of Washington, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick frequently told his favorite John Paul II story: the story

Afraid of Change? More Myths of 1968

In a recent editorial on condoms and AIDS, the London-based Tablet, an influential weekly in the Catholic Anglosphere, argued that “in 1968, the most persuasive reason advanced in favor of

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