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Avoiding Another Roman Fiasco in February

By peremptorily ordering the American bishops not to vote on local remedies for today’s Catholic crisis of abusive clergy and malfeasant bishops, the Vatican dramatically raised the stakes for the

Cleansed and Conformed to God’s Will

“Father, We Thank Thee, Who Hast Planted” has long been one of my favorite hymns. Its tune, taken from the sixteenth-century Genevan Psalter, is eminently singable. The hymn text—when not corrupted

Vatican Autocracy and the U.S. Bishops

As the U.S. bishops gathered in Baltimore on the weekend of November 10–11, it seemed certain that, after a day of prayer, penance, and reflection on the Church’s sexual abuse

Roots of Catholic Anger

After a month out of the country, working in Rome at Synod-2018 and helping mark the fortieth anniversary of John Paul II’s election at events in Brussels and Warsaw, I

Shifting Tectonic Plates in Eastern Christianity

ROME. While Synod-2018 was trying to grasp the polyhedron-like character of “synodality” and wrestling with the differences among sexual inclination, sexual orientation, and sexual attraction, tectonic plates were shifting beneath

Reflections on Synod-2018

This article by EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel appeared in LETTERS FROM THE SYNOD-2018, #19, on October 29, 2018, which was published on the Web sites of First Things, The Catholic Herald (London) and The

A Public Church, not a Partisan Church

WARSAW. The temptation to ally the Church with a particular political party and its program is a perennial one, it seems. When that temptation is not resisted, it invariably leads

The Catholic Crisis, in Perspective

Perspective is at least as important when reading the signs of the times as it is in landscape painting. And so, in this autumn of our Catholic discontent, I was

Courage in the Slough of Despond

I never took a class from the historian Frank Orlando, but the motto he placed in the faculty section of my college yearbook—“History is an antidote for despair”—has stuck with

An Orthodox Fracture with Serious Consequences

While Catholicism has been embroiled in a crisis of sexual abuse and episcopal malfeasance reaching to the highest levels of the Church, Eastern Orthodoxy may be on the verge of

Did Pope Francis Just Make China Protestant?

Attempts to defend the recent provisional agreement between the Vatican and the People’s Republic of China, which was signed on September 22, have rung increasingly hollow over the past few

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